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Version: 18


Expands an image stored in an Image attribute (e.g., Employee(1)/photo?$imageformat=best&$expand=photo)
Expands an BLOB attribute to save it.

Compatibility: For compatibility reasons, $expand can be used to expand a relational attribute (e.g., Company(1)?$expand=staff or Employee/?$filter="firstName BEGIN a"&$expand=employer). It is however recommended to use $attributes for this feature.

Viewing an image attribute

If you want to view an image attribute in its entirety, write the following:

GET /rest/Employee(1)/photo?$imageformat=best&$version=1&$expand=photo

For more information about the image formats, refer to $imageformat. For more information about the version parameter, refer to $version.

Saving a BLOB attribute to disk

If you want to save a BLOB stored in your dataclass, you can write the following by also passing "true" to $binary:

GET /rest/Company(11)/blobAtt?$binary=true&$expand=blobAtt