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Version: 19

On Scroll

CodeCan be called byDefinition
59Input of the picture Type - List BoxThe user scrolls the contents of a picture object or list box using the mouse or keyboard.


This event can be generated in the context of a picture input or a list box.

This event is triggered after any other user event related to the scrolling action (On Clicked, On After Keystroke, etc.). The event is only generated in the object method (not in the form method).

The event is triggered when the scroll is the result of a user action: using the scroll bars and/or cursors, using the mouse wheel or the keyboard. It is not generated when the object is scrolled due to the execution of the OBJECT SET SCROLL POSITION command.

Picture input

The event is generated as soon as a user scrolls a picture within the picture input (field or variable) that contains it. You can scroll the contents of a picture area when the size of the area is smaller than its contents and the display format is "Truncated (non Centered)".

List box

The event is generated as soon as a user scrolls the rows or columns of the list box.