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Version: 19



Reference of a method attached to the form. You can use a form method to manage data and objects, but it is generally simpler and more efficient to use an object method for these purposes. See Specialized methods.

You do not call a form method—4D calls it automatically when an event involves the form to which the method is attached.

Several types of method references are supported:

  • a standard project method file path, i.e. that uses the following pattern:
    This type of reference indicates that the method file is located at the default location ("sources/{TableForms/numTable} | {Forms}/formName/"). In this case, 4D automatically handles the form method when operations are executed on the form (renaming, duplication, copy/paste...)

  • a project method name: name of an existing project method without file extension, i.e.: myMethod In this case, 4D does not provide automatic support for form operations.

  • a custom method file path including the .4dm extension, e.g.:
    MyMethods/myFormMethod.4dm You can also use a filesystem:
    /RESOURCES/Forms/FormMethod.4dm In this case, 4D does not provide automatic support for object operations.

JSON Grammar

NameData TypePossible Values
methodtextForm method standard or custom file path, or project method name