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Version: 20


Sorts the data returned by the attribute and sorting order defined (e.g., $orderby="lastName desc, salary asc")


$orderby orders the entities returned by the REST request. For each attribute, you specify the order as ASC (or asc) for ascending order and DESC (desc) for descending order. By default, the data is sorted in ascending order. If you want to specify multiple attributes, you can delimit them with a comma, e.g., $orderby="lastName desc, firstName asc".


In this example, we retrieve entities and sort them at the same time:

GET /rest/Employee/?$filter="salary!=0"&$orderby="salary DESC,lastName ASC,firstName ASC"

The example below sorts the entity set by lastName attribute in ascending order:

GET /rest/Employee/$entityset/CB1BCC603DB0416D939B4ED379277F02?$orderby="lastName"


__entityModel: "Employee",
__COUNT: 10,
__SENT: 10,
__FIRST: 0,
__KEY: "1",
__STAMP: 1,
firstName: "John",
lastName: "Smith",
salary: 90000
__KEY: "2",
__STAMP: 2,
firstName: "Susan",
lastName: "O'Leary",
salary: 80000
// more entities