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Version: 20 R6 BETA


Defines which image format to use for retrieving images (e.g., $imageformat=png)


Define which format to use to display images. You can use one of the following formats (extensions, mime types and OsType Mac are supported):

"best"Best format based on the image
".gif" or "image/gif"GIF format
".png" or "image/png"PNG format
".jpeg" or "image/jpeg"JPEG format
".tiff" or "image/tiff"TIFF format

Once you have defined the format, you must pass the image attribute to $expand to load the photo completely.

If there is no image to be loaded or the format doesn't allow the image to be loaded, the response will be an empty object {}.


The following example defines the image format to JPEG regardless of the actual type of the photo and passes the actual version number sent by the server:

GET /rest/Employee(1)/photo?$imageformat=.jpeg&$version=3&$expand=photo