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Versão: v18

Combo Box

Visão Geral

Um combo box é parecido com uma lista drop-down, exceto que aceita texto digitado do teclado e tem opções adicionais.

You initialize a combo box in exactly the same way as a drop-down list. If the user enters text into the combo box, it fills the 0th element of the array. In other respects, you treat a combo box as an enterable area that uses its array or a choice list as the set of default values.

Use the On Data Change event to manage entries into the enterable area, as you would for any enterable area object. For more information, refer to the description of the Form event command in the 4D Language Reference manual.

Opções para combo boxes

Combo box type objects accept two specific options concerning choice lists associated with them:

  • Automatic insertion: enables automatically adding a value to a list stored in memory when a user enters a value that is not found in the choice list associated with the combo box.
  • Excluded List (lista de valores excluídos): permite estabelecer uma lista cujos valores não podem ser digitados na combo box. Se um valor excluído for digitado, não será aceito e uma mensagem de erro é exibido.

    Associating a list of required values is not available for combo boxes. In an interface, if an object must propose a finite list of required values, then you must use a Pop-up menu type object.

Propriedades compatíveis

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