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Versão: v18


Visão Geral

A text object allows you to display static written content (e.g., instructions, titles, labels, etc.) on a form. These static text areas can become dynamic when they include dynamic references. For more information, refer to Using references in static text.

JSON Exemplo

 "myText": {
"type": "text",
"text": "Hello World!",
"textAlign": "center",
"left": 60,
"top": 160,
"width": 100,
"height": 20,
"stroke": "#ff0000" //text color
"fontWeight": "bold"


4D lets you rotate text areas in your forms using the Orientation property.

A rotação do texto pode ser definida para um processo utilizando o comando de linguagem OBJECT SET TEXT ORIENTATION.

Quando um texto é rodado, pode continuar a alterar o seu tamanho ou posição, bem como todas as suas propriedades. Note that the text area’s height and width properties do not depend on its orientation:

  • If the object is resized in direction A, its width is modified;
  • If the object is resized in direction C, its height is modified;
  • If the object is resized in direction B, both its width and height are modified.

Propriedades compatíveis

Bold - Border Line Style - Bottom - Class - Fill Color - Font - Font Color - Height - Horizontal Alignment - Horizontal Sizing - Italic - Left - Line Color - Line Width - Object Name - Orientation - Right - Title - Top - Type - Underline - Vertical Sizing - Visibility - Width