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Versão: v19

On Page Change

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
56FormulárioA página atual do formulário é alterada


This event is only available at the form level (it is called in the form method). It is generated each time the current page of the form changes (following a call to the FORM GOTO PAGE command or a standard navigation action).

Note that it is generated after the page is fully loaded, i.e. once all the objects it contains are initialized, including Web areas.

The only exception is 4D View Pro areas, for which you need to call the On VP Ready specific event.

The On Page Change event is useful for executing code that requires all objects to be initialized beforehand. You can also use it to optimize the application by executing code (for example, a search) only after a specific page of the form is displayed and not just as soon as page 1 is loaded. Se o usuário não for a esta página, o código não é executado.