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On Header

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
54D Write Pro area - Button - Button Grid - Check Box - Dropdown list - Form (list form only) - Hierarchical List - Input - Picture Button - Picture Pop up menu - Plug-in Area - Progress Indicators - Radio Button - Ruler - Spinner - Splitter - Stepper - Tab controlA área de cabeçalho do formulário está prestes a ser impressa ou exibida.


The On Header event is called when a record is about to be displayed in a list form displayed via DISPLAY SELECTION and MODIFY SELECTION.

This event cannot be selected for project forms, it is only available with table forms.

In this context, the following sequence of calls to methods and form events is triggered:

  • Para cada objecto na área do cabeçalho:
    • Método objecto com evento On Header
    • Método formulário com o eventoOn Header

Printed records are handled using the On Display Detail event.

Calling a 4D command that displays a dialog box from the On Header event is not allowed and will cause a syntax error to occur. More particularly, the commands concerned are: ALERT, DIALOG, CONFIRM, Request, ADD RECORD, MODIFY RECORD, DISPLAY SELECTION, and MODIFY SELECTION.