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Version: v19 R8 BETA

Class API Overview

This section describes the built-in 4D class API as well as the associated constructor commands. 4D class functions and properties are available through class instance objects.

  • functions must be called on instances with the () operator. Por exemplo, collection.sort().

  • properties are accessed without parentheses, for example file.creationTime. You can also use the [] syntax, for example file["creationTime"].

Writing conventions

The following conventions are used in the function syntax:

  • the { } characters (braces) indicate optional parameters. For example, .delete( { option : Integer } ) means that the option parameter may be omitted when calling the function.
  • the { ; ...param } notation indicates an unlimited number of parameters. For example, .concat( value : any { ;...valueN } ) : Collection means that an unlimited number of values of any type can be passed to the function.
  • the any keyword is used for parameters that can be of any type that can be stored within attributes (number, text, boolean, date, time, object, collection...).

Other resources

For an overall presentation of the 4D Language basics and concepts, please go to the 4D Language Concepts section.

For a description of the 4D "classic" language, please go to the 4D Language Reference on