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Version: 19

On Alternative Click

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38Button - List Box - List Box Column
  • Buttons: The "arrow" area of a button is clicked
  • List boxes: In a column of an object array, an ellipsis button ("alternateButton" attribute) is clicked
  • Description


    Some button styles can be linked to a pop-up menu and display an triangle. Clicking on this triangle causes a selection pop-up to appear that provides a set of alternative actions in relation to the primary button action.

    4D allows you to manage this type of button using the On Alternative Click event. This event is generated when the user clicks on the triangle (as soon as the mouse button is held down):

    • If the pop-up menu is separated,the event is only generated when a click occurs on the portion of the button with the arrow.
    • If the pop-up menu is linked, the event is generated when a click occurs on any part of the button. Note that the On Long Click event cannot be generated with this type of button.

    List box

    This event is generated in columns of object array type list boxes, when the user clicks on a widget ellipsis button ("alternateButton" attribute).

    See the description of the "alternateButton" attribute.