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Version: 20 R6 BETA

On Mouse Enter

CodeCan be called byDefinition
354D Write Pro area - Button - Button Grid - Check Box - Combo Box - Dropdown list - Form - Hierarchical List - Input - List Box - Picture Button - Picture Pop up menu - Plug-in Area - Progress Indicators - Radio Button - Ruler - Spinner - Splitter - Stepper - Tab controlThe mouse cursor enters the graphic area of an object


This event is generated once, when the mouse cursor enters the graphic area of a form object.

The On Mouse Enter event updates the MouseX and MouseY system variables.

Objects that are made invisible using the OBJECT SET VISIBLE command or the Visibility property do not generate this event.

Calling stack

If the On Mouse Enter event has been checked for the form, it is generated for each form object. If it is checked for an object, it is generated only for that object. When there are superimposed objects, the event is generated by the first object capable of managing it that is found going in order from top level to bottom.

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