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Área Plug-in

A plug-in area is an area on the form that is completely controlled by a plug-in. The ability to incorporate plug-ins into forms gives you unlimited possibilities when creating custom applications. A plug-in can perform a simple task such as displaying a digital clock on a form, or a complex task such as providing full-featured word processing, spreadsheet, or graphics capabilities.

Quando abrir um banco de dados, 4D cria uma lista interna de plug-ins instalado em seu banco de dados. Quando tiver inserido uma área Plug-in em um formulário, pode atribuir um plug-in para a área diretamente na lista de tipos da Lista de Propriedades:

Some plug-ins, such as 4D Internet Commands, cannot be used in forms or external windows. When a plug-in cannot be used in a form, it does not appear in the plug-in list of the Property List.

If you draw a plug-in area that is too small, 4D will display it as a button whose title is the name of the variable associated with the area. During execution, the user can click on this button in order to open a specific window displaying the plug-in.

Propriedades Avançadas

If advanced options are provided by the author of the plug-in, a Plug-in theme containing an Advanced Properties button may be enabled in the Property list. In this case, you can click this button to set these options, usually through a custom dialog box.

Instalação de plug-ins

Para adicionar um plug-in no seu ambiente 4D, primeiro precisa de sair do 4D. Os plug-ins são carregados quando se inicia 4D. Para obter mais informações sobre a instalação de plug-ins, consulte Instalação de plug-ins ou componentes.

Criação de plug-ins

If you are interested in designing your own plug-ins, you can receive extensive information about writing and implementing plug-ins. 4D fornece um kit completo (no github) para ajudá-lo a escrever plug-ins personalizados.

Propriedades compatíveis

Border Line Style - Bottom - Advanced Properties - Class - Draggable - Droppable - Expression Type - Focusable - Height - Horizontal Sizing - Left - Method - Object Name - Plug-in Kind - Right - Top - Type - Variable or Expression - Vertical Sizing - Visibilty - Width