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Versão: 20 R4

On Window Opening Denied

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
53Área WebUma janela pop-up foi bloqueada
19 R5On Drop


This event is generated when the opening of a pop-up window is blocked by the Web area. As áreas Web de 4D não permitem a abertura de janelas pop-up.

You can find out the blocked URL using the WA Get last filtered URL command.

This event is also triggered when a drop operation has been done in the Web area (with embedded and Wwindows system engines) if the Drag and drop option is also enabled for the area. Pode aceitar a entrega chamando:

//web area object method If (FORM Event.code=On Window Opening Denied)
WA OPEN URL(*; "WebArea"; WA Get last filtered URL(*; "WebArea"))
// or UrlVariable:=WA Get last filtered URL(*; "WebArea")
// where UrlVariable is the URL variable associated to the web area End if

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