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Version: v19 R8 BETA


4D for iOS and 4D for Android require a specific minimum configuration.

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System requirements

System requirements are the same as 4D's minimum system requirements.

8GB of RAM is recommended.


  • Development: 4D with a 4D Developer Pro licence

  • Deployment: 4D Server

    • The 4D Web Server must be started.
    • HTTP and HTTPS ports must be enabled and correctly configured. HTTPS is mandatory for 4D for iOS and 4D for Android deployment.


Apple configurator 2 installed on your Mac (optional).

Version table:

19 R85.
19 R75.
19 R65.716.014.012.5
19 R55.6.115.513.412.2
Version history
19 R45.615.413.312.2
19 R35.
19 R25.515.013.111.3
18 R65.3.214.412.410.15.4
18 R5 & 18.35.314.
18 R45.314.
18 R35.2.413.511.510.15.2
18 R25.1.313.311.
17 R65.
17 R54.
17 R44.2.11210.110.13.6
17 R34.21210.010.13.6
17 R24.
17 R24.

Formatters updated for 4D v19 R3/4D v19.2 and higher are not compatible with previous 4D releases.

Apple Device Developer Mode

As of iOS 16 and Xcode 14, you must enable the Developer Mode on your device to be able to develop and debug.

You need essentially to toggle the "Developer Mode" switch in the "Settings" application of your device. More information is provided in the Apple documentation.


Version table:

4DAndroid StudioWindows
19 R7Dolphin 2021.3.1Windows 10 64-bit
19 R6Dolphin 2021.3.1Windows 10 64-bit
19 R5Arctic fox 2020.3.1Windows 10 64-bit
Version history
4DAndroid StudioWindows
19 R4Arctic fox 2020.3.1Windows 10 64-bit
19 R3Arctic fox 2020.3.1Windows 10 64-bit
19 R24.1.2Windows 10 64-bit
  • You can build Android apps both on Mac and PC.

  • We highly recommend not to run a VM-accelerated emulator inside another virtual machine (VM), such as a VM hosted by VirtualBox. Click here for more details.

4D for Android requires the Android SDK, including Android Studio. If not installed, it will be automatically downloaded at the launch of the 4D mobile editor on Windows: