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Version: 20 R5 BETA

On Column Resize

CodeCan be called byDefinition
334D View Pro Area - List Box - List Box ColumnThe width of a column is modified directly by the user or consequently to a form window resize


List Box

This event is generated when the width of a column in the list box is modified by a user. The event is triggered "live", i.e., sent continuously during the event, for as long as the list box or column concerned is being resized. This resizing is performed manually by a user, or may occur as a result of the list box and its column(s) being resized along with the form window itself (whether the form is resized manually or using the RESIZE FORM WINDOW command).

The On Column Resize event is not triggered when a fake column is resized.

4D View Pro

This event is generated when the width of a column is modified by a user. On this context, the event object returned by the FORM Event command contains:

codelongintOn Column Resize
descriptiontext"On Column Resize"
objectNametext4D View Pro area name
sheetNametextName of the sheet of the event
rangeobjectCell range of the columns whose widths have changed
headerbooleanTrue if the row header column (first column) is resized, else false


 If(FORM Event.code=On Column Resize)
VP SET CELL STYLE(FORM Event.range;New object("hAlign";vk horizontal align right))
End if