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Version: 20 R6 BETA

Form JSON property list

This page provides a comprehensive list of all form properties, sorted by their JSON name. Click on a property name to access its detailed description.

In the "Form Properties" chapter, properties are sorted according to their names and themes in the Property List.

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PropertyDescriptionPossible Values
bottomMarginVertical margin value (in pixels)minimum: 0
colorSchemeColor scheme for the form"dark", "light"
cssCSS file(s) used by the formCSS file path(s) provided as a string, a collection of strings, or a collection of objects with "path" and "media" properties
destinationForm type"detailScreen", "listScreen", "detailPrinter", "listPrinter"
entryOrderThe order in which active objects are selected when the Tab or the Carriage return key is used in an input formCollection of 4D Form object names
eventsList of all events selected for the object or formCollection of event names, e.g. ["onClick","onDataChange"...].
formSizeAnchorName of the object whose position determines the size of the form. (minimum length: 1)Name of a 4D object
heightHeight of the formminimum: 0
inheritedFormDesignates the form to inheritName (string) of table or project form OR a POSIX path (string) to a .json file describing the form OR an object describing the form
inheritedFormTableDesignates the table an inherited form will useA table name or number
markerBodyDetail marker positionminimum: 0
markerBreakBreak marker position(s)minimum: 0
markerFooterFooter marker positionminimum: 0
markerHeaderHeader marker position(s)integer minimum: 0; integer array minimum: 0
memorizeGeometrySaves the form parameters when the form window is closedtrue, false
menuBarMenu bar to associate to the formName of a valid menu bar
methodA project method name.The name of an existing project method
pagesCollection of pages (each page is an object)Page objects
pageFormatobjectAvailable print properties
rightMarginHorizontal margin value (in pixels)minimum: 0
sharedSpecifies if a form can be used as a subformtrue, false
widthWidth of the formminimum: 0
windowMaxHeightForm window's largest allowable heightminimum: 0
windowMaxWidthForm window's largest allowable widthminimum: 0
windowMinHeightForm window's smallest allowable heightminimum: 0
windowMinWidthForm window's smallest allowable widthminimum: 0
windowSizingXForm window's vertical sizing"fixed", "variable"
windowSizingYForm window's horizontal sizing"fixed", "variable"
windowTitleDesignates a form window's titleA name for the form window