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Version: v20


To benefit from the integrated 4D go mobile features in your 4D development environment, you need to download and install the 4D for Mobile component.

Installing 4D Mobile App

You need to install the 4D Mobile App component in the project(s) where you want to use it.

  1. Download the packaged and compiled 4D-Mobile-App version from latest release on github.
  2. Copy the downloaded files in the Components folder of your project.
  3. (optional) if necessary, download and install the 4D Mobile App Server component at the same location.
  4. Open your project with 4D.

The 4D for Mobile interface is now available in your project.


Alternatively, you can download and install the source files of the 4D for Mobile component, allowing you to customize the component sources under a standard Contribution License Agreement. More information is provided in the 4d-mobile-app README file.