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Create Kotlin formatter


Create your first Kotlin formatters.

A formatter can be composed of both Kotlin and Swift code.

Object attribute Kotlin formatter

If you want a formatter that will enable you to dial a phone number value on click, we need a manifest.json file containing a name, a binding, a type and a target value as follows:

"name": "phone",
"binding": "phoneAction",
"type": "text"
"target" : ["ios", "android"]

Note that the binding value "phoneAction" will be used in the Kotlin file and that the BindingAdapter will interact with a specific field in an Android XML layout.

Here is the PhoneAction.kt file to dial a phone number value on click on Android:

package ___PACKAGE___

import android.content.Intent
import android.widget.TextView
import androidx.databinding.BindingAdapter

fun phoneAction(view: TextView, phoneAction: String?) {
if (phoneAction.isNullOrEmpty()) return
view.text = phoneAction
view.setOnClickListener {
val dialIntent = Intent(Intent.ACTION_DIAL) = Uri.parse("tel:$phoneAction")

Putting all that together, you can save this formatter as a .kt file in the formatter folder and use it in your mobile project.


Check out the final result:

Final result