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Version: 20 R6 BETA

General page

The General page contains options to configure generic parameters for the 4D project.


This area contains the Display toolbar option. When it is checked, the 4D toolbar is displayed in the Design environment.


You use this area to set options concerning project startup and operation.

Startup Environment

You use this menu to select the default startup mode for the database: Design or Application. Unless specified, 4D opens by default in the Design environment if a password access system is not activated.


This area allows component developers to configure how their component classes and functions will be exposed in the 4D Code Editor once the component is installed.

Component namespace in the class store

Use this area to declare a namespace for the component classes and functions in the code on host projects. See Declaring the component namespace.

Generate syntax file for code completion when compiled

When you check this option, a syntax file (JSON format) is automatically created during the compilation phase. See Code completion for compiled components.