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Version: v19 R8 BETA

About Data Collection

To help us make our products always better, we automatically collect data regarding usage statistics on running 4D Server applications. Collected data is completely anonymous and data is transferred with no impact on the user experience.

This page explains:

  • what information is collected
  • where information is stored and when it is sent to 4D
  • how to disable automatic data collection in client/server built applications.

Collected information

Data is collected during the following events:

  • 4D Server startup,
  • database opening,
  • database closure,
  • web server startup.

Collected at 4D Server startup

CPUIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GH 3.39GHzName, type, and speed of the processor
numberOfCores4Total number of cores
memory419430400Volume of memory storage (in bytes) available on the machine
systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro 1809 (17763.253)Operating system version and build number
headlessfalseTrue if the application is running in headless mode
version1960Version number of the 4D application
buildNumber123456Build number of the 4D application
license{"name":"4D Developer Professional 19R6","products":[{"id":808464433,"name":"4D","allowedCount":1}]}Commercial name and description of product licenses

Collected per database at opening

idhashed stringUnique id associated to the database (Polynomial Rolling hash of the database name)
dataFileSize419430400Data file size in bytes
indexesSize419430400Index size in bytes
cacheSize419430400Cache size in bytes
usingLegacyNetworkLayerfasleTrue if legacy network layer used for the application server
isEncryptedtrueTrue if the data file is encrypted
isCompiledtrueTrue if the application is compiled
isEnginedtrueTrue if the application is merged with 4D Volume Desktop
isProjectModetrueTrue if the application is a project
mobile[{"os":"iOS", "version":"12.465", "simulator":"false"}]Information on mobile sessions

Collected per database at closure

uptime123456Time elapsed (in seconds) since local 4D database was opened

Collected per database at web server startup

webServer{"started":true}Always true

Where is it stored and sent?

Collected data is written in a text file (JSON format) when 4D Server quits. The file is stored inside the active 4D folder, i.e.:

  • on Windows: Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\4D Server
  • on macOS: /Users/[userName]/Library/ApplicationSupport/4D Server

Once a week, the file is automatically sent over the network to 4D. The file is then deleted from the active 4D folder.

If the file could not be sent for some reason, it is nevertheless deleted and no error message is displayed on the 4D Server side.

The file is sent to the following server address: (ip:

Disabling data collection in client/server built applications

You can disable the automatic data collection in client/server built applications.

To disable the collection, pass the value False to the ServerDataCollection key in the buildApp.4DSettings file, used to build the client/server application.