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Version: v19 R8

Use formatters


Use built-in formatters.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to apply built-in formatters to your fields.

Download the Starter project

Let's get started by downloading the Starter project:

Open mobile project

Go to Labels & Icons in Sections, you'll see that a Formats column is available in the Field Properties area:

Data formatter labels icons

From here, you can select specific formats depending on your needs. You can choose between multiple built-in formats.

Let's define the Available Credit field as a Currency:

Available credit currency

Let's do the same process for all of the other fields:

  • Set Current Balance as a Currency $
  • Set Percent Used as a Percentage
  • Set Credit Limit as a No or Yes
  • Set Credit Date as a Short Date

Select field formatters

Build and Run your project

Here is the final result in your iOS app with a Tasks list form and a Numbers detail form selected.

Result data formatter iphone

You're done! Your fields are well formatted according to its defined type in Labels & Icons.