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Version: 19

Release Notes


Read What’s new in 4D 19, the blog post that lists all new features and enhancements in 4D 19 LTS.

Security Note

If your 4D applications use TLS connections, it is recommended that you upgrade to 4D 19.7 LTS build 288986 or higher. For more information, refer to this Security bulletin.

4D 19.7


4D 19.6


4D 19.5


  • 4D 19.5 is certified on Windows 11 22H2
  • 4D 19.5 is certified on macOS Ventura (macOS 13)
  • SpreadJS version has been updated (14.1.6).
  • Fixed bug list: list of all bugs that have been fixed in 4D 19.5.

Previous releases

Library table

LibraryCurrent versionUpdated in 4DComment
SpreadJS14.1.619.54D View Pro engine
CEF432419Chromium v88. Allows native compilation on Apple Silicon platforms.
ICU68.118 R6This major upgrade forces an automatic rebuild of alphanumeric, text and object indexes.
PHP7.3.2718 R6
libldap2.4.4818 R2