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Version: 20


A text object allows you to display static written content (e.g., instructions, titles, labels, etc.) on a form. These static text areas can become dynamic when they include dynamic references. For more information, refer to Using references in static text.

JSON Example:

    "myText": {
"type": "text",
"text": "Hello World!",
"textAlign": "center",
"left": 60,
"top": 160,
"width": 100,
"height": 20,
"stroke": "#ff0000" //text color
"fontWeight": "bold"


4D lets you rotate text areas in your forms using the Orientation property.

Text rotation can be defined for a process using the OBJECT SET TEXT ORIENTATION language command.

Once a text is rotated, you can still change its size or position, as well as all its properties. Note that the text area’s height and width properties do not depend on its orientation:

  • If the object is resized in direction A, its width is modified;
  • If the object is resized in direction C, its height is modified;
  • If the object is resized in direction B, both its width and height are modified.

Supported Properties

19 R7Support of Corner radius property

Bold - Border Line Style - Bottom - Class - Corner radius - Fill Color - Font - Font Color - Font Size - Height - Horizontal Alignment - Horizontal Sizing - Italic - Left - Object Name - Orientation - Right - Title - Top - Type - Underline - Vertical Sizing - Visibility - Width