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Version: v19 R8 BETA

Release Notes

4D v19 R8

Read What’s new in 4D v19 R8, the blog post that lists all new features and enhancements in 4D v19 R8.

Points forts

Behavior changes

Versions précédentes

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4D v19 R7

Read What’s new in 4D v19 R7, the blog post that lists all new features and enhancements in 4D v19 R7.

Points forts

Behavior changes

  • For consistency with standard interfaces (e.g. OS file explorers), list box rules for row selection/drag and drop have been modified. A continuous or discontinuous selection of rows can be dragged by simply clicking on and moving a selected row; the Alt key is not longer necessary (but can still be used like in previous previous). When the Shift or Ctrl/Command key is pressed, a mouse click is taken into account when the click is down. For more information on drag and drop in list boxes, you can refer to this blog post and download this HDI 4D project.
  • The 4D internal build numbering has been modified as of 4D v19 R7:
    • releases up to 4D v19 R6 (included) are numbered 282xxx,
    • releases from 4D v19 R7 will be numbered 100xxx.
      Note that a specific 4D version is still uniquely identified by a branch name and a build number. The build number increases chronologically.
  • The ability to use Wakanda/4D Mobile REST protocol to call a project method has been removed. You can use ORDA data model class functions or /4DACTION urls instead.

4D v19 R6

4D v19 R5

4D v19 R4

4D v19 R3

4D v19 R2

4D v19

4D v18 R6

Tableau des bibliothèques

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BibliothèqueVersion couranteMise à jour dans 4DCommentaire
SpreadJS15.2.519 R8Moteur 4D View Pro
CEF106.0.2719 R8Chromium 106.0.5249.103
OpenSSL1.1.1s19 R7
libzip1.7.319 R2Used by zip class, 4D Write Pro, svg and serverNet components
ICU68.118 R6Cette mise à jour majeure entraîne une reconstruction automatique des index alphanumériques, texte et objets.
PHP7.3.2718 R6
libldap2.4.4818 R2