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Version: v19 R8

Many to One relations

This tutorial will show you how easy it can be to include Many to one relations in your mobile projects.


In this tutorial, we will use the relation names between your tables. Giving descriptive relation names can make your project structure definition easier.

Let's get started by downloading the Starter project:

Here we want to display the category for each task in the detail form of your generated app. To do so, open the StarteriOSProject from Open > Mobile Project...

Then go right to your Structure section and select the Task table.

Structure section

  • You can notice that the TaskCategory relation is underlined

  • Clicking on it will display available fields through this relation

  • Select the Name field

Select link from structure section

  • This field will operate as any other field for the rest of the app creation process

  • You can also filter your app content using related fields from the Data section. To do so enter TaskCategory.Name != 'Personal' in the Filter query field to exclude personal tasks.

    Related field from Data section

  • You can then select an icon as well as formatters and define short and long labels from the Labels and Icons section

Related field from Labels and Icons section

  • Go to the Forms section and drag the field on the Task Detail form

Related field in Forms section

  • Build and Run

You should see your related field in your app detail form !

Related field in Forms section