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Version: v19

On Header Click

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
424D View Pro Area - List Box - List Box ColumnA click occurs in a column header


List Box

This event is generated when a click occurs on the header of a column in the list box. In this case, the Self command lets you find out the header of the column that was clicked.

If the Sortable property was selected for the list box, you can decide whether or not to authorize a standard sort of the column by passing the value 0 or -1 in the $0 variable:

  • If $0 equals 0, a standard sort is performed.
  • If $0 equals -1, a standard sort is not performed and the header does not display the sort arrow. The developer can still generate a column sort based on customized sort criteria using the 4D language.

If the Sortable property is not selected for the list box, the $0 variable is not used.

4D View Pro

This event is generated when the user clicks on a column or row header in a 4D View Pro document. In this context, the event object returned by the FORM Event command contains:

codeinteiro longo42
descriptiontext"On Header Click"
objectNametextNome da área 4D View Pro
sheetNametextNome da folha do evento
rangeobjectCell range
sheetAreainteiro longoThe sheet location where the event took place:
  • 0: The crossing area between column number/letter headers (top left of the sheet)
  • 1: The column headers (area indicating the column numbers/letters)
  • 2: The row headers (area indicating the row numbers)
  • Exemplo

     If(FORM Event.code=On Header Click)
    Case of
    :(FORM Event.sheetArea=1)
    $values:=VP Get values(FORM Event.range)
    :(FORM Event.sheetArea=2)
    VP SET CELL STYLE(FORM Event.range;New object("backColor";"gray"))
    :(FORM Event.sheetArea=0)
    VP SET CELL STYLE(FORM Event.range;New object("borderBottom";\
    New object("color";"#800080";"style";vk line style thick)))
    End case
    End if