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On Mouse Up

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
2Input of the picture TypeO usuário acabou de soltar o botão esquerdo do mouse em um objeto Imagem


The On Mouse Up event is generated when the user has just released the left mouse button while dragging in a picture input. This event is useful, for example, when you want the user to be able to move, resize or draw objects in a SVG area.

When the On Mouse Up event is generated, you can get the local coordinates where the mouse button was released. These coordinates are returned in the MouseX and MouseY System variables. As coordenadas são expressas em píxeis em relação ao canto superior esquerdo da imagem (0,0).

When using this event, you must also use the Is waiting mouse up command to handle cases where the "state manager" of the form is desynchronized, i.e. when the On Mouse Up event is not received after a click. This is the case for example when an alert dialog box is displayed above the form while the mouse button has not been released. For more information and an example of use of the On Mouse Up event, please refer to the description of the Is waiting mouse up command.

If the Draggable option is enabled for the picture object, the On Mouse Up event is never generated.