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Version: v19 R8 BETA

On Window Opening Denied

CodePode ser chamado porDefinição
53Área WebA pop-up window has been blocked
v19 R5Triggered on drop


This event is generated when the opening of a pop-up window is blocked by the Web area. 4D Web areas do not allow the opening of pop-up windows.

You can find out the blocked URL using the WA Get last filtered URL command.

This event is also triggered when a drop operation has been done in the Web area (with embedded and Wwindows system engines) if the Drag and drop option is also enabled for the area. You can accept the drop by calling:

//web area object method If (FORM Event.code=On Window Opening Denied)
WA OPEN URL(*; "WebArea"; WA Get last filtered URL(*; "WebArea"))
// or UrlVariable:=WA Get last filtered URL(*; "WebArea")
// where UrlVariable is the URL variable associated to the web area End if

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