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A stepper lets the user scroll through numeric values, durations (times) or dates by predefined steps by clicking on the arrow buttons.

Usando os steppers

You can assign the variable associated with the object to an enterable area (field or variable) to store or modify the current value of the object.

A stepper can be associated directly with a number, time or date variable.

  • For values of the time type, the Minimum, Maximum and Step properties represent seconds. For example, to set a stepper from 8:00 to 18:00 with 10-minute steps:
  • For values of the date type, the value entered in the step property represents days. The Minimum and Maximum properties are ignored.

    For the stepper to work with a time or date variable, it is imperative to set its type in the form AND to declare it explicitly via the C_TIME or C_DATE command.

For more information, please refer to Using indicators in the "Progress Indicator" page.

Propriedades compatíveis

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