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Version: 20 R5 BETA


Inputs allow you to add enterable or non-enterable expressions such as database fields and variables to your forms. Inputs can handle character-based data (text, dates, numbers...) or pictures:

Inputs can contain assignable or non-assignable expressions.

In addition, inputs can be enterable or non-enterable. An enterable input accepts data. You can set data entry controls for the object. A non-enterable input can only display values but cannot be edited by the user.

You can manage the data with object or form methods.

JSON Example:

    "myText": {
"type": "input", //define the type of object
"spellcheck": true, //enable spelling verification
"left": 60, //left position on the form
"top": 160, //top position on the form
"width": 100, //width of the object
"height": 20 //height of the object

Supported Properties

19 R7Support of Corner radius property

Allow font/color picker - Alpha Format - Auto Spellcheck - Bold - Test when False/Text when True - Border Line Style - Bottom - Choice List - Class - Context Menu - Corner radius - Date Format - Default value - Draggable - Droppable - Enterable - Entry Filter - Excluded List - Expression type - Fill Color - Font - Font Color - Font Size - Height - Hide focus rectangle - Horizontal Alignment - Horizontal Scroll Bar - Horizontal Sizing - Italic - Left - Multiline - Multi-style - Number Format - Object Name - Orientation - Picture Format - Placeholder - Print Frame - Required List - Right - Selection always visible - Store with default style tags - Text when False/Text when True - Time Format - Top - Type - Underline - Variable or Expression - Vertical Scroll Bar - Vertical Sizing - Visibility - Width - Wordwrap

Input alternatives

You can also represent field and variable expressions in your forms using alternative objects, more particularly: